The authenticity of the earth on the plate
Tradition & Modernity

A kitchen that combines the classic touch of the moldings of the walls with the modernity of the details.

Our restaurant, located in a modernist house in the center of Olot, is based on five spacious and bright spaces. Our cuisine combines tradition and modernity to offer to our customers a kitchen that surprises the best palates.

The winery

The wine list we have prepared presents a selection of exclusively processed wines in the Empordà region and its surroundings. In their majority they belong to the D.O. Empordà, but there are some that are outside it.

This criterion is due to the conviction that we have of its quality, at the same time that we believe that it is a good bet, whenever possible, for the dissemination and promotion of the products of proximity.

The spaces

Intimacy for couples, reserved rooms for meetings and celebrations, the terrace to enjoy the cool summer nights and a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the large lounge make up the 4 spaces of our restaurant, located in a modernist house in the center of Olot.

Intimate spaces

The rooms of the mirrors are the most intimate spaces. Charming spaces.

Reserved areas

The different reserved rooms we have are ideal for meetings and intimate celebrations. Check the menus for groups.

The terrace

For summer nights, spring midday. Eat, breathe, share ...!

The big living room

An elegant and inviting space. The center of la Quinta Justa.